Creativity and Art is part of who we all are. Every human has the need to create in some form or other, some manage to express this well while others seem to search their whole lives for their creative outlet. Never being able to fully express who they really are or want to be.

I’ve always wanted to create, be involved in creative businesses and the creative discipline itself was never really that important. Graphic design, Fashion design, Architecture or Interior design, it didn’t matter, I just wanted a creative career. After many years of very uncreative jobs, I became interested in photography as a hobby while living in the UK and found out I had some raw talent.

I soon decided that this could be my opportunity to work in a creative field. So after moving back to South Africa, with a lot of luck and meeting the right people I ended up achieving this dream. Shooting for some of the countries largest corporates and Sporting organizations.

Ten years later I’d had enough. I became disillusioned with the purpose of my life. Corporate photography had destroyed the passion I had for the art and left me wondering if there were any people left on the planet who’s intentions were genuine and sincere.

Years later, sitting in a coffee shop in New York, right outside my favorite building in the world, the flat Iron, I noticed a young lady shooting the morning scenes of busy people grabbing their caffeine fix on the way to work.

We got chatting and it turned out she was a photography student and was busy with an assignment for her studies.

I managed to give her a few pointers and saw her using the info I gave her. That experience made me realize how teaching, giving back was possibly the most rewarding creative experience of all.

With Art, there is no right and wrong. Creativity can never be scientific and can never have just one answer, only opinions. Art critics are employed by society to offer their opinion on creative works so that those incapable of forming their own opinion may get the chance to judge those who do.

The best thing about creativity is, we all get to choose what’s right, for us, and no one else’s opinion matters. I hope, with my experience, I am able to help others develop their photographic talents and achieve the results they want to achieve.

My blog on photography and the lessons they contain will be partly technical facts and partly my personal opinion on composition and style. I don’t and never will claim that my opinions on the creative elements are the “right way”. What looks good to me might not to others, but using the technical skill I teach will help you achieve the results you want to achieve, produce the effects you intended to.

Lets create!

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